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Announcements for Wed. 9/22/2021

Good morning CLMS!  This is Josie the Jet and Jenny the Jet ready to start your day!

Today is a B-day so you should be in your B-day homeroom!   

Reminder that announcements will be posted daily to the CLMS website as well as in Schoology/Groups/MCL All Staff and Students under Resources.  

Continue to wear your mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance.  We want everyone to stay safe and in school! 

At this time, please rise for the pledge of allegiance:

Now please be seated for the moment of silence: 

Thank you.  And now for our daily message:

Today’s quote is by Rabbi Moses ben Maimon.  He was a medieval Jewish philosopher who became one of the most influential Torah scholars of the Middle Ages.  He said:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Think about it.  This is what your teachers are trying to tell you.  If they just feed you the answers, you will always need someone else to help you find them.  However, not only are your teachers sharing what to learn, they are also teaching you how to learn, so that you can always find answers on your own. You can become an independent learner for the rest of your life!

And now, for some Jet News!

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from Sept. 15-Oct. 15.  This month, we  honor the culture, heritage, and contributions of Hispanic Americans from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.  Each year a different theme for the month is selected and a poster is created to reflect that theme. This year's theme is "Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope." If you are hispanic, you ROCK!  Thank you for being you!!

The Jet News meeting today is cancelled.  Again, no Jet News meeting today.  Check Schoology messages for more information.

Hey JETS!  Picture Day is coming!  Dress to impress and be ready to cheese for the camera on Wednesday, September 29th!  Stay tuned for more details.  

Reminder that the library is closed during testing.  We will send an email when the library is open.  Please do not send students to the library until you get an email.

7th graders!  Make sure you bring your backpack to electives this afternoon at the end of the day.  Again, 7th graders!  Make sure you bring your backpack to electives this afternoon at the end of the day.

All testers today!  Please move to your testing location after these announcements.  Again, you may move to your testing location after announcements!

That concludes our morning announcements.   And as always...make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!