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Announcements for Fri. 6/18/2021

Jet News Video

Good morning CLMS!  This is Josie the Jet and Jenny the Jet ready to start your Summer!

So wherever you are, please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance and, then, be seated for a moment of silence.

Thank you and TGIF, Jets!  

This is it, JETS!  Last day!  Here are our last suggestions of free or inexpensive activities to do over the summer!

  • Go rollerblading - it’s fun and great exercise!
  • Bury a time capsule to dig up in five years - see how much has changed or not!
  • Organize a tug-of-war - get the neighborhood kids involved!
  • Experiment with origami - you can make all kinds of cool things with just paper!
  • And, I’ll say it again, READ!!!  It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your future!

We have focused on Summer activities for this month.  However, there are many special recognitions to keep in mind for the rest of June!  Check it out!

And a big shout-out to Devin Lewis White.  We just found out that he has been accepted in the Governor's School for the Arts

And now for our reminders:

Hey, JVs! Last day to Be present, Be involved, and Be productive.  Let’s finish strong!

Wear your mask, Wash your hands, and Watch your distance until you get off the bus at home today!

Reminder to all that video and written announcements are posted in Schoology/Groups/MCL All Staff and Students under Resources so you can access any of the links mentioned. They are also posted on the CLMS website.  Please go there for old announcements if you need any previously mentioned links.

Reminder to contact Mrs. Roberson through Schoology to join the CLMS Anchored 4 Life Club.  Planning begins this summer so don’t delay.

5, 4, 3, 2, one last reminder:  Join The CLMS chapter of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Club.  Mrs. Roberson will post updates over the summer.  Join the Schoology Group FCCLA today by contacting her through Schoology messages!


Hey Jets!  Don’t forget to access the Schoology library course for the READCamp information and to sign-up. Email Mrs. Circelli or Mrs. Flegal if you have any questions over the summer!

And, of course, the VB Public Library is sponsoring its Summer Reading Challenge!  Signup at .

And, by the way, tomorrow is Juneteenth Day! This day celebrates and symbolizes the end of slavery in the United States. President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862. It was not until June 19, 1865 that all slaves were finally freed. That concluding event was when General Gordon Granger rode into Galveston, Texas with his troops and issued Order Number 3 which finally freed the last of the slaves.  The formal end of slavery was marked by the passing of the 13th amendment of the constitution. 

Today is International Picnic Day! As Yogi Bear would say:  Hope you have our pic-a-nic basket ready, Boo-boo!  

That concludes our morning announcements.  Remember to make it a great summer or not, the choice is yours!